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Site Council

The vision of Sonoran Heights Middle School is to develop a community of independent, successful, life-long learners.

A team of teachers/support staff/community members/parents that will support the school and district mission and vision, and be involved in the decision making for the school.
If you are interested in being on site council for the 2021-2022 school year ... please contact the front office.
Informational video regarding:  Site Council 

Andrew Frazier - Chairperson

Committee Members: 
Debra Isherwood - Recording Secretary
Sunee Stevens
Paul Flies
Cheryl Hall
Robyn Bartel - Vice Chairperson
Stephanie Medrano
Bruce Duplanty

Meeting dates:

September 22nd  
    March 9th

**All meetings will take place at 7:20am in the library**

Meeting Agendas/Minutes:

    Agenda // Minutes for September
    Agenda // Minutes for March