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Student working on classwork at the school

Accelerated Learning Program

​Asante Preparatory Academy accelerates student growth by helping each student progress at an individual pace and depth of learning. At Asante, students will use collaboration and the problem solving process known as Design Thinking to address real-world challenges.  Student data will be used to pinpoint where each student is on the learning path to allow for every opportunity for growth and acceleration in learning.  We will provide all middle schoolers the option to earn at least a half credit course for high school. 

The design thinking and real-world collaborative experiences will allow students to deepen understanding through: 

  • Critically solving problems and analyzing results to reflect on and improve products, solutions and ideas.
  • Communicating effectively with peers, community members, and experts.
  • Collaboratively bringing past experiences, new knowledge, and various perspectives together to design innovative solutions for defined problems.

Student data at Asante will be used to:

  • Enable students to show their progress toward mastery to allow them to progress at their own pace. 
  • Refine instruction and strategies to increase students depth of learning.
  • Support  students in their use of  self reflection to be the architects in challenging their own progress.

Providing students with advanced learning opportunities for high school credit, will allow Asante to:

  • Challenge all traditional barriers to where acceleration can end at the K-8 level.
  • Provide students the ability to increase their personal efficacy within the educational system. 
  • Allow students to have a more effective transition to their next level of learning. 

Connection to the 3As 


Asante’s vision directly impacts all areas of depth and pace throughout each academic area. 


Asante’s real-world application of design thinking will allow students opportunities to explore interests and problems within all creative and fine arts outlets. 


Asante’s focus on collaboration and adult mentorship will encompass all aspects of coaching and sportsmanship and allow us to move forward our vision of breaking down community barriers to provide opportunities for students.