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Dysart prioritizes the safety and security of students, and is committed to providing a safe learning environment. We have highly qualified team members and partnerships with law enforcement to continually monitor and evaluate our protocols.

Dysart Schools have a comprehensive plan in place to support our focus on safe schools, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Strong partnerships with local law enforcement and first responders, including School Resource Officers (SRO) at middle/high schools and a new district Safety Coordinator
  • School Emergency Response Teams (SERT) on each campus to discuss and plan facility safety and emergency response procedures.
  • Threat Assessment Teams on each campus to investigate potential threats, bullying, discipline, and safety to individuals or the campus, including reporting to law enforcement as needed.
  • Planned practice drills and staff training throughout the year
  • Specific safety protocols in place for each type of emergency response: evacuation, lockdown, modified lockdown, shelter in place.
  • Single point of entry for visitors and required sign-in through the front office
  • Online Safe Report or Safe Schools hotline at or 623-876-7009.


emergency response team notebook on table

School/Site Emergency Response Teams (SERT)

SERT teams of various staff members on each campus meet regularly to discuss and plan facility safety, bullying, discipline, and emergency response procedures. The teams are supported by the Director of Student Services and the Safety Coordinator, and analyze survey and historical data as a resource to determine and plan necessary responses.

computer key with threat assessment words on it.

Threat Assessment Teams

Threat Assessment Teams on each campus to investigate potential threats to individuals or the campus, including reporting to law enforcement as needed. The district safety coordinator works with these teams to provide them with training and resources to support an immediate response on their campus. The safety coordinator works hand-in-hand with the team to find solutions for resolution, or to refer issues to law enforcement if necessary.


police officer talking to students

School Resource Officers (SRO): Dysart has SROs on high school and middle school campuses to support the safety of all students and staff. They enjoy engaging with students and are a great resource that can point people in the right direction if they have concerns within the community or at home. Aside from general campus engagement and resource help, SROs assist with occasional incidents of a criminal nature that impact the campus. Families are encouraged to get to know our resource officers and learn more about how they support our schools.

Local Agencies: Our local police and fire agencies in Surprise and El Mirage team up on a regular basis with our district and each other to respond to calls for service, and share resources and training opportunities.

Safety Coordinator: This NEW position within the district leads Dysart Schools and support facilities with all things safety. This position audits and updates all site safety procedures and plans, coordinates and helps to facilitate our emergency drills and organizes on-going training. The Safety Coordinator is the liaison between the district and our first responders, and is available to our PTA’s and other community support groups for training, questions, and resources.


The community plays an important role in school safety. It is critical for anyone with information regarding possible threats or concerns to promptly report it, so a proper investigation can be completed. Concerns can be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a Safe Report


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In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS), 15-341 (A) (32), DUSD school’s emergency response plans have been developed by school and district teams to ensure that all schools meet emergency response preparedness guidelines established by the Arizona Department of Education, and the Arizona Division of Emergency Management. Emergency response plans have been reviewed by local police and fire officials, and in addition, campuses hold regular fire, lockdown, and shelter in place drills.

students crossing the road on their bikes as a crossing guard stands with a stop sign
Safety to and from School

In Dysart we work to provide a safe way for students to get to school in the morning and home in the afternoon. Learn more information on pick up and drop off procedures, as well as parking lot safety, and children who walk or ride their bike to school.


Ensuring safe schools is a group effort. We ask students, parents and community members to partner with us to keep our students safe and secure. Here’s how you can help:

Promptly report concerns and remind your student to be confident in their role of reporting issues as well.

Follow campus protocols and understand that our processes prioritize safety.

Remember that posts to social media and other mediums are always taken seriously, regardless of intent. The community should abstain from sharing rumors and unsubstantiated information that could prolong investigations.