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The following information on this website represents a comprehensive list of scholarships provided to Dysart School District counselors. None of the scholarships are provided by or are affiliated in any way with the Dysart Unified School District.

There are scholarships that target students of every type and talent. Depending on academics, talent, commitment, involvement, ethnicity, financial need, and/or life events, students have a chance of receiving scholarship money.

Research is the key word when discussing scholarships. Students must take the time to do research if they plan on receiving money. Parents, teachers, and counselors can direct students to the proper places for research; however, they cannot do the research and work for you. District counselors advise students to begin their research as early as Fall of your Junior year. While most scholarships are available to seniors, there are scholarships out there for students of all ages.

Students who are serious about researching scholarships typically can spend ten or more hours a week researching scholarships, sending away for applications, and writing essays.

For questions regarding scholarships, please contact your school counselor.

Veterinarian Science Scholarship
Deadline: Jul 31, 2017
Amount: $500
Eligibility: GPA: 3.00, 12th Grade, Applicant must be pursuing a degree related to veterinary science within the United States.
EGC Women in Law Scholarship
Deadline: Jul 31, 2017
Amount: $1500
Eligibility: Female, GPA: 3.00, The applicant must be enrolled at an accredited college, university or law school, will not have graduated by Fall 2017, and must be attending classes. This scholarship is only open to women. The scholarship will be awarded based on merit, need and commitment to helping others. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. A transcript must be attached to the application for consideration.
Groth & Associates Scholarship
Deadline: Jul 31, 2017
Amount: $1000
Eligibility: GPA: 3.00, 12th Grade, Attach a 500-word essay about difficulties or hardships you have had to personally overcome
Cameron Foundation Impact Scholarship
Deadline: Sep 15, 2017
Amount: Full Tuition
Eligibility: GPA: 3.70, 12th Grade, Broad Extracurricular, 2 letters of Recommendation
Maricopa Community College Presidents Scholarship
Deadline: Oct 19, 2017
Amount: full tuition
Eligibility: GPA: 3.00, 12th Grade, Must attend a Maricopa Community College and test high enough on Accuplacer exams. Also will need to take an honors class in College
Maricopa Community College Scholarships
Deadline: Oct 30, 2017
Amount: varies
Eligibility: GPA: 3.00, 12th Grade