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iExplore Lab

The iExplore Lab is a Kindergarten through 8th Grade special area class where students will learn digital citizenship and problem solving skills through real world exercises.  The flexible class environment encourages students to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and be creative.  Founded on the design thinking process, students will plan, test, and improve their solutions through interest-driven projects that relate to potential career paths while enhancing core lessons in other subject areas. 

Digital Citizenship 

Students will learn to be responsible digital citizens by learning about internet safety with topics including their digital footprint, identity, informational literacy, communications, privacy, and security. 

Design Thinking 

Students will apply the design thinking process to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions by empathizing, defining, hypothesizing, prototyping, and experimentation. 

Personalized Learning 

Teachers work to ensure students' learning needs are met and serve as content experts who facilitate and mentor students. In this process, students become self-directed expert learners who monitor progress, take control of their learning, and reflect on that learning based on mastery of content, skills and competencies. To demonstrate mastery of standards and the components of the Profile of a Dysart Graduate, learners are engaged in experiences including daily lessons, activities, assessments, and authentic projects. Students will have the appropriate resources to ensure flexibility in the pacing, order, and integration of content. 

New Century Learning Skills 

Students will develop life and work skills and competencies to be successful including global awareness, creativity, communication, analyzation, collaboration, and information management. 

Focus by Grade 

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: 

  • Library Skills 
  • Internet Safety 
  • Find and Navigate Websites 
  • Informational Literacy 
  • Design Thinking Process 

3rd Grade-5th Grade: 

  • Utilize Search Engines 
  • Digital Footprint 
  • Manage Files 
  • Informational Literacy 
  • Design Thinking Process 

6th - 8th Grade: 

  • Identify Valuable Websites 
  • Utilize Online Resources for Projects 
  • Identify Trustworthy Articles 
  • Career Paths 
  • Design Thinking Process