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pictures of students participating in stem day

Canyon Ridge STEM Cross Grade Collaboration Day

On Friday, October 28th Canyon Ridge students participated in a STEM day.  Older students were assigned a younger student to work with on different projects.  The students used a design process before testing their product for the first time.  After the first test, students made modifications to improve on their designs and re-tested the products.  

8th grade students worked with 1st grade students to design a Monster Trap.  6th grade students collaborated with 2nd grade students to make Safety Goggles to use during their Candy Experiment.  7th grade students buddied up with 3rd graders to create small parachutes and 4th grade students worked with Kindergarten students on several STEM activities.  Our 5th graders were challenged to a few STEM activities with help from our special guests from A World In Motion (AWIM).

It was an amazing day filled with a ton of learning!


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