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JROTC Raiders


Saturday, September 10, the Dysart Demons JROTC Raider team competed at Red Mountain HS for the 2022 Fitness Challenge. Ten teams competed in a grueling 20 event course that tested their mental and physical toughness. There was one start time, and the clock continued to run until they crossed the finish line. Events included litter carry, tires, 1-rope bridge, low crawl, crab walk, flutter kicks, push-ups, sit-ups, tire drag, tire flips, telephone pole run, 5 gallon water can carry, ammo can 30-50lbs carry, and  many more. The Demons were prepared and ready for the challenge, led by their team captain Janessa Tovar. 

After the dust settled Dysart had a time of 32:02, and secured a 1st place victory. 


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