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Attendance and Tutoring here at DHS

Attendance Matters here at Dysart High School. Missing a day of school here and there may not seem like much, but absences add up! 

Did you know that when you miss only 2 days a month, that adds up to 20 days a year , 30 hours of math, 60 hours of reading and writing. Ultimately students with this attendance record, will  miss approximately 1 year of school by their  senior  graduation.

It goes without saying that attending school everyday is extremely crucial to the academic success of a student. 

With that being said, for those DHS families who need to report an absence or a tardy, please contact our front office at 623-876-7500 

Afterschool Tutoring is available at DHS

If you are a student and need the extra help, or a parent who may have questions regarding tutoring at Dysart high school.  Please click here for DHS schedule and bus routes. 

Additional Information DHS Families should know: 

  • Students must make a appointments with teachers before they stay afterschool during tutoring hours. 
  • Students must receive a tutoring bus pass from teacher facilitating afterschool help in order to ride the afterschool bus.

Have questions about our Attendance Policy or Tutoring? Please contact our front office at 623-876-7500 


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