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Our Programs

Here at Growing Minds Preschool we know the importance of providing a safe, nurturing, and loving environment for your child to flourish in.  Our professional and patient facilitators encourage your child to develop their important early education milestones by following our mantra , "learn through play". children are given individual encouragement and opportunities to build their social and emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

In all of our programs we emulate the mantra "Learn through play". Play is the context for all child development, and in that context, the construct of real life application through play creates an ideal environment for early childhood development. The benefits of learning through play include: 

● Motor skill development and cognitive development is stimulated while at play

● Play inside, but remember, outdoor experiences lend itself to the most memorable childhood experiences

● Play and learning are linked, they are all part of the same recipe, without one of these ingredients, the end product is incomplete 

● Play promotes health and wellness, and a healthier child will grow stronger, physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally The ultimate stress reducer is play, it is joyful, and provides an outlet for anxiety and stress.

We take pride in offering a quality preschool program for families within the community. Our team knows that children in preschool build a strong foundation in success and school readiness skills.


Growing Minds offers our students a transitional curriculum program that allows children to focus on their core developmental milestones. Our Curriculum enhances kinder readiness skills, supports the whole child and is aligned to the Arizona Early Learning Standards. 

  • Early Preschool (2's)- Creative Curriculum
  • Preschool (3's)- Creative Curriculum
  • Pre-Kindergarten(4's)- Creative Curriculum with 95%

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Preschool pumpkin exploration
PreK Graduation

Early Preschool (2-3)

At our school your 2 year old will start their learning with Creative Curriculum where Growing Minds facilitators will enhance the simple joy of childhood by nurturing your child's curiosity through weekly themes of  exploration and discovery. Our  they will be given opportunities through different themes to promote their development and learning  they begin their transition from Early Preschool to preschool.

Growing Minds Early Preschoolers are defined as children 2 years of age who may or may not be toilet trained. Toddler students may be promoted to a new room during the same school year based on key benchmarks in their development which include cognitive, social and emotional development

Preschool (3-4)

Our Preschool program at Growing Minds Preschool is designed to stimulate the important development of foundational skills for success such as building independence, confidence, and communication. When your child begins their early education at GMP they will discover ways to express themselves through a consistent daily schedule that includes, Circle time, story time, discovery centers, ( Home living, Science & Sensory, Creative Expression, Blocks, Math and Manipulatives) Group snack and meal times, and visits to our STEAM room, Indoor Village, and Nap time.

Growing Minds preschool students are defined as students who are 3-4 years of age, who are toilet trained and demonstrate the ability to participate in a structured learning environment

Pre-K (4-5)

Our Pre-K programs are built around the eight developmental domains: Social Emotional, Language and Literacy, Creative Expression, Social Studies, Physical Development/Health, Science, Math, and approaches to learning.  GMP facilitators integrate 95% , our phonics based learning into small group activities to give our Pre-K students the head start on early reading and writing.  

 Growing Minds Pre-K students are defined as students who are 4-5 years of age, who are toilet trained and demonstrate the ability to participate in a structured learning environment.  Our Pre-K Students use both Creative Curriculum and 95% Phonics. Our goal is all of our Pre-K students leave our facility ready for success in Kindergarten.

Evaluating Development

The students are assessed through teacher observation and portfolios. The teachers track the progress of their students and supplement the learning program where the students need additional support. Information regarding your student will be shared with you throughout the course of the year and at Parent-Teacher Conferences.