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Students perform at the annual Festival of the Arts

Dysart Doubles Number of Students Earning State Seal of Arts


The Dysart Unified School District had 100 students earn the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency this year, up from 51 last year, and earning the second most seals in the state of Arizona. The arts seal is awarded to high school students who meet rigorous standards, and have demonstrated artistic literacy and high levels of competency in media arts, visual arts, dance, theatre, or music.    

Students must meet certain requirements to qualify, which include achieving a minimum “B” average on all approved arts courses, completing a minimum of 4 credit hours of approved arts courses, completing 80 hours of arts-related extracurricular activities, and a senior capstone project.  Each of Dysart’s high schools, including Dysart High School, Shadow Ridge High School, Valley Vista High School, and Willow Canyon High School had students earn the seal. 

Dysart Unified School District was one of 41 school districts across Arizona that participated this year.  A total of 146 Arizona schools participated, and 1,001 students earned the Arts Seal, 100 of those were from Dysart for a total of 107 seals earned. Seven Dysart students earned double-seals for completing the requirements in two different disciplines, a feat accomplished by only 27 students across the state.

“We are tremendously proud of the hard work, dedication, and extraordinary amount of hours our students and teachers have dedicated to their discipline.  Earning this seal requires students to develop an end-goal, determine the plan to attain their goal, create a timeline with check points, deliver a presentation/performance and then write a reflection.  The art seal process alone is providing our students the soft skills that will lead into whatever path they take beyond high school. These students are fine examples of how the arts enriches our lives,” said Danae Marinelli, Director of Arts.

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