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Dysart Provides Summer School Options


DYSART SCHOOLS - Dysart Unified School District provides Summer School options to help students stay on track, and to provide opportunities for them to remediate their grades or advance the accumulation of high school credits.  Courses are available for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and will be offered two ways, including online through Dysart’s iSchool program, or in person on various campuses.  

Online iSchool Summer School (Grades: Current 9-12 students):

iSchool Summer School registration will begin Wednesday, March 1, 2023 for high school students.  Courses are online and students may choose to take up to two classes, depending on when they begin their coursework. Dysart iSchool Summer School will run April 17 through June 22, 2023. Students who choose to begin on April 17 could possibly complete 1.0 credit during Summer School if they sign up for two courses. Students who begin courses on the second start date of May 30, 2023 will only be able to complete one course for .5 credit. 

The deadline to register is April 13, 2023 for those wanting to start classes on April 17, and Thursday, May 25, 2023 for those that want to start on May 30, 2023.  The cost is $100 per 0.5 credit, or $50 for those on free and reduced lunch or Dysart employees. All offered courses meet graduation requirements and are taught by certified teachers. While coursework is online, students will have access to in-person instructors for additional support, if needed. Students are required to take an in person final exam before noon on June 22 to complete the course.  In order to receive iSchool credit, students must pass the final exam with a 60% or better, regardless of their grade going into the final. 

Dysart iSchool Summer School is open to students from the four Dysart high schools. Current Dysart students who are interested can register with their school counselors, or may contact the iSchool office.  For additional information, visit or call 623-876-7295. 

Summer Learning (Grades: Current K-8 Students):

Summer learning will be available for all K-8 students. Summer learning will be held Monday through Thursday from June 5th through June 22nd from 8:00 - 11:00 am. Specific details and Summer Learning K-8 offerings will be shared by each school to currently enrolled families.  

In Person Summer School (Grades: Current 9-12 Students):

Current high school students will have limited in-person Summer School opportunities for those students who need to retake core area courses. Programs offered vary by site and grade level and will run June 5 - 22, Monday through Thursday. Two sessions are offered, one from 8-11am and another from 12-3pm, so students can take up to two classes if they attend both sessions. Specific details and offerings will be shared by each school for current families. For additional information, contact your high school counselor.

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