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Boys soccer players pose for photo

Winter season athletes recognized to All District teams

The Dysart Unified School District held their annual All District Boys and Girls Basketball and Soccer Team Award presentations to recognize and celebrate the student athletes who displayed excellence in the Winter 2022-23 season. Athletes were selected by district coaches from Valley Vista, Shadow Ridge, Dysart, and Willow Canyon high schools.

All District Boys Basketball

1st Team

Ashton Catlett (Shadow Ridge) 

Darius Anderson (Dysart HS)

Aadem Isai (Valley Vista)

Nate Morales (Dysart HS)

Zayden Canchano (Willow Canyon)

Dwayne Jones (Valley Vista)

Honorable Mention

Aidan Carino (Willow Canyon)

Chris Burphy (Willow Canyon)

Tarvis Edwards (Valley Vista)

Marcel Thurman (Valley Vista)

Mike Stults (Shadow Ridge)

Pete Lopez (Shadow Ridge)

Jayden Bolhar (Dysart HS)

Kye Brown (Dysart HS)

Coach of the Year - Keegan Cook

2nd Team

Kaleel Kelly (Willow Canyon)

Isaiah Kelly (Willow Canyon)

Dallas Marker (Valley Vista)

Jamaal Dean Jr. (Shadow Ridge)

Nigel Anderson (Dysart HS)

Clayton Werner (Valley Vista)

All Academic Team

Mark Bright (Willow Canyon)

Sam Swanson (Willow Canyon)

Aadem Isai (Valley Vista)

Clayton Werner (Valley Vista)

Alvin Hanks Jr. (Shadow Ridge)

Alex Alabado (Shadow Ridge)

Nigel Anderson (Dysart HS)

Nathan Castano (Dysart HS) 

All District Girls Basketball

1st Team

Aalayah Ramirez (Shadow Ridge)

Olivia Arvallo (Valley Vista)

Mariah Preston (Willow Canyon)

Emma Dasovich (Valley Vista)

Torah Dial (Dysart HS)

Mia Martinez (Dysart HS)

Honorable Mention

Jada Wilson (Valley Vista)

Aamari Chavers (Valley Vista)

Danica Lindemann (Shadow Ridge)

KeKe Helman (Willow Canyon)

Leilani Soto (Willow Canyon)

Lieyla Albino (Dysart HS)

Brianna Moreno Martinez (Dysart HS)

Coach of the Year -  Erica Ganados

2nd Team

Shaelyn Anthony (Shadow Ridge)

Hannah Young (Valley Vista)

Sarah Karnitz (Willow Canyon)

Olivia Holub (Shadow Ridge)

Dakota Gilbertson (Willow Canyon)

Jocelyn Chavez (Valley Vista)

All Academic Team

Launa Rogers (Willow Canyon)

Nevaeh Henson (Willow Canyon)

Danica Lindemann (Shadow Ridge)

Shaelyn Anthony (Shadow Ridge)

Jocelyn Chavez (Valley Vista)

Lauren Monday (Valley Vista)

Geneva Holman (Dysart HS)

Lieyla Albino (Dysart HS)

All District Boys Soccer

1st Team

Johann Vargas Sanchez (Dysart HS)

Oscar Mendez (Dysart HS)

Jacob Engwall (Shadow Ridge)

Alex Harding (Shadow Ridge)

Matthew Matus Hernandez (Dysart HS)

Dezmon Valdivia (Dysart HS)

Brayden Herrera (Shadow Ridge)

Logan Henley (Shadow Ridge)

Christopher Cerna Rivas (Dysart HS)

Caden White (Dysart HS)

Caden Bott (Shadow Ridge)

Dominic Calandra (Shadow Ridge)

Eli Anderson (Shadow Ridge)

Honorable Mention

Parker Katena (Valley Vista)

Jesus Zepeda Guevara (Valley Vista)

David Castillo (Dysart HS)

Luis Galindo Lopez (Dysart HS)

James Skawski (Shadow Ridge)

Sebastian Torkhan (Shadow Ridge)

Tyler Reeder (Willow Canyon)

Preston Buckelew (Willow Canyon)

Player of the Year -  Agustin Orozco (Dysart HS)

2nd Team

Raqib Alade (Dysart HS)

Madden Bredek (Shadow Ridge)

Curtis Steward (Shadow Ridge)

Bryson Wilke (Willow Canyon)

Jacob Torres (Dysart HS)

Sebastian Torkhan (Shadow Ridge)

Juan Rios (Dysart HS)

Aaron Macias (Willow Canyon)

Wesley Wunderlich (Dysart HS)

Stephen Flores (Shadow Ridge)

Parker Katena (Valley Vista)

Santiago Soto Catalan (Willow Canyon)

Anthony Memije Chavez (Dysart HS)

All Academic Team

Stephen Flores (Shadow Ridge)

Zane Clemons (Shadow Ridge)

Daxton Mills (Shadow Ridge)

Angel Rocha (Dysart HS)

Immanuel Gonzalez (Dysart HS)

Jack Schlinger (Valley Vista)

Rodolfo Salero (Valley Vista)

Devin Seay (Willow Canyon)

Kale Barker (Willow Canyon)

All District Girls Soccer

1st Team

Jerilyn Lazo Salvador (Dysart HS)

Kiara Sanchez (Dysart HS)

Sara Gonzalez Coronel (Dysart HS)

Mia Loher (Shadow Ridge)

Olivia Arratia-Rivera (Shadow Ridge)

Mikayla James (Shadow Ridge)

Rylee Kunker (Shadow Ridge)

Zoey Vincze (Valley Vista)

Kambria Steele (Valley Vista)

Kayla Gonzalez (Valley Vista)

Brooke Hyde (Valley Vista)

Kendyl Lopez (Willow Canyon)

Grace Brown (Willow Canyon)

Isabella Pineda (Willow Canyon)

Katelyn Nylen (Willow Canyon)

Peyton McCabe (Willow Canyon)

Honorable Mention

Danielle LeMoine (Dysart HS)

Joslyn Poundstone (Dysart HS)

Katelyn Baker (Shadow Ridge)

Andrea Bolanos Rivera (Shadow Ridge)

Kaitlyn Mayan (Valley Vista)

Gabriella Reyes (Valley Vista)

Elli Gerber (Willow Canyon)

Madison Mendiola (Willow Canyon)

Player of the Year - Mia Loher (Shadow Ridge)

2nd Team

Yasmeen Wunderlich (Dysart HS)

Jennifer Rocha (Dysart HS)

Alessandra Castillo (Dysart HS)

Jillian Young (Shadow Ridge)

Xiolahnie Carranza (Shadow Ridge)

Sophia Cook (Shadow Ridge)

Rachel Theis (Shadow Ridge)

Jannet Resendiz-Martinez (Valley Vista)

Kirrah Lanius (Valley Vista)

Bridget Carrillo (Valley Vista)

Madisyn Yazzie (Valley Vista)

McKenna Jackson (Valley Vista)

Elizabeth House (Willow Canyon)

Olivia Oneal-Kervick (Willow Canyon)

Lianna Barrios (Willow Canyon)

Lilianohealani Camarao (Willow Canyon)

All Academic Team

Lesli Arredondo Matehuala (Dysart HS)

Alanna Zepeda (Dysart HS)

Sophia Bohon (Shadow Ridge)

Senna James (Shadow Ridge)

Sabrina Lara (Valley Vista) 

Arisbeth Fraire (Valley Vista) 

Kayla Morse (Willow Canyon)

Izabella Gonzalez (Willow Canyon)


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