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All District Football Team, First Team

Football and Volleyball Athletes Selected to All District Teams

The Dysart Unified School District held their All District Football and Volleyball Team Award presentation to recognize and celebrate the student athletes who displayed excellence in the Fall 2023 season. Athletes were selected by district coaches from Valley Vista, Shadow Ridge, Dysart, and Willow Canyon High Schools.


Player of the Year - Jeramicheal Hernandez, Valley Vista 

Offensive Player of the Year - Kye Brown, Dysart 

Defensive Player of the Year - Austin Rhodes, Willow Canyon 

Coach of the Year - John Ganados, Dysart 

First Team Offensive

  • Xavier Silvas (OL, Dysart)
  • Austin Bouffard (OL, Willow Canyon)
  • WestLee McLeod (OL, Shadow Ridge)
  • Jonathan Carta (OL, Valley Vista)
  • Dylan Escalante (OL, Shadow Ridge)
  • Avion Bailey (WR, Dysart) 
  • Caden Zlokich (WR, Dysart) 
  • Damien DiMascio (WR, Shadow Ridge) 
  • Damian Zuniga (RB, Valley Vista)
  •  Xavier Armenta (RB, Shadow Ridge) 
  • Miles Pringle (QB, Valley Vista) 
  • Landon Borders (Flex, Willow Canyon) 

First Team Defensive

  • Xavier Silvas (DL, Dysart) 
  • Keaton Semendoff (DL, Willow Canyon) 
  • Alex Ryan (DL, Shadow Ridge)
  • Nicolas Pleger (DL, Valley Vista)
  • Noah Ramirez (LB, Dysart)
  • Abel Garza (LB, Shadow Ridge)
  • Nathan Beard (LB, Valley Vista)
  • Connor Stogner (DB, Dysart)
  • Jayden Garcia (DB, Shadow Ridge)
  • Avery Jeffrey-Dillard (DB, Valley Vista)
  • Stacy Jacobs Jr. (DB, Valley Vista)
  • Anthony Hernandez (Flex, Valley Vista)

First Team Special Teams 

  • Max Cauley (Kicker, Shadow Ridge)
  • Quinn Nichols (Punter, Willow Canyon)
  • Landon Borders (Kick Returner, Willow Canyon)
  • Jeramicheal Hernandez (Punt Returner, Valley Vista)
  • Landon Borders (Long Snapper, Willow Canyon) 

Second Team Offensive 

  • William Stackhouse (OL, Dysart)
  • Dareion Pittman (OL, Willow Canyon)
  • Lavell Thomas (OL, Shadow Ridge)
  • Bobby Edelman (OL, Valley Vista)
  • Ethan Penner (OL, Valley Vista)
  • Luke Bear (WR, Dysart)
  • Alexx Williams (WR, Valley Vista)
  • Parker Brooks (WR, Shadow Ridge)
  • Skyler Moreno (RB, Willow Canyon)
  • Jaahad Parris-Worley (RB, Valley Vista)
  • Jayden Pico (QB, Shadow Ridge)
  • Jordan Harrison (Flex, Valley Vista) 

Second Team Defensive 

  • Deshaun McCarrick (DL, Dysart)
  • Will Norton (DL, Willow Canyon)
  • Grant Jordan (SL, Shadow Ridge)
  • Logan Arrowsmith (DL, Valley Vista)
  • JR Ellington (LB, Dysart)
  • Jared Parker (LB, Shadow Ridge)
  • Gavin Anderson (LB, Willow Canyon)
  • Maurice Morrison Jr. (DB, Willow Canyon)
  • Jameson Akins (DB, Willow Canyon)
  • Zackary Guy (DB, Shadow Ridge)
  • Xavier Moore (DB, Valley Vista)
  • Cameron Jackson (Flex, Dysart) 

Second Team Special Teams 

  • Alex Valdez (Kicker, Valley Vista)
  • Luis Lopez Silva (Punter, Dysart)
  • Michael Cruz (Kick Returner, Shadow Ridge)
  • Jayden Garcia (Punt Returner, Shadow Ridge)
  • Everson Taylor (Long Snapper, Shadow Ridge) 

Honorable Mention:  Logan Haviland (Dysart),  Je'von Christmas (Dysart),  Joel Banuelos Jr. (Dysart),  Lucas Schnatz (Dysart),  Christian Hunter (Shadow Ridge),  Darian Lafitte (Shadow Ridge),  Michael Callejas (Shadow Ridge),  Camden Brown (Shadow Ridge),  Nehemiah Barnett (Shadow Ridge),  Johnny Villarreal Jr. (Valley Vista),  Sawyer Oliver (Valley Vista),  Treven Stewart (Valley Vista),  Jason Boltin (Valley Vista),  Jovon Cooper (Valley Vista),  Ismael Bedoy (Valley Vista),  Evan Friedrich (Willow Canyon),  Roman Thuyns (Willow Canyon),  Asher Vega (Willow Canyon),  Henry Hebard (Willow Canyon),  Morgan Frego (Willow Canyon),  Brody Roman (Willow Canyon) 



Player of the Year - Brooke Jenkins, Valley Vista 

First Team 

  • Lizzy Moyer (OH, Valley Vista)
  • Marielle Ramos (OH, Valley Vista)
  • Olivia Moore (S, Valley Vista)
  • Emma Welborn (OH, Shadow Ridge)
  • Averee Morales (OH, Willow Canyon)
  • Emory Scogin (L, Willow Canyon) 

Second Team 

  • Bella Brewer (OH, Valley Vista)
  • Ava Hewitt (OH, Valley Vista)
  • Shia Chancellor (OH, Willow Canyon)
  • Haley Cashatt (OH, Shadow Ridge)
  • Rigley Garrison (S, Shadow Ridge)
  • Ralynn DeJesus (L, Valley Vista)
  • Angel Montez (OH, Dysart) 

Honorable Mention:  Briana Gonzalez (Willow Canyon),  Mackenzie Reid-Schwartz (Shadow Ridge),  Olivia Johnson (Shadow Ridge),  Natalie Carter (Dysart),  Mia Fleming (Dysart)


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