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Convergence Indoor Percussion students post with a 1st place plaque.

Convergence Wins First Place

Congratulations to the Convergence Indoor Percussion group who kicked-off their competitive season with a first place win at Buckeye Union High School.  Convergence Indoor Percussion is a competitive indoor percussion ensemble consisting of students from high schools in the Dysart Unified School District.

The large group of 28 students from Shadow Ridge, Valley Vista, and Willow Canyon high schools performed portions of their 2022 show: "Sleep Tight Sandy" and earned an impressive score of 76.80 at the competition. Congratulations to the following students and coaches:


Brandon Jones, Bass Drum (SRHS) 

Colten Mullins, Bass Drum (SRHS) 

Claire Hoffman, Bass Drum (WCHS) 

Brayden Hodge, Bass Drum (SRHS) 

Andrew Mekhail, Bass Drum (WCHS) 

Andres Barrera, Snare Drum (VVHS) 

Jeremiah Johnson, Snare Drum (WCHS) 

Tristan Edelman, Snare Drum (WCHS) 

Tyler Otero, Snare Drum (WCHS) 

Alex Bodine, Tenors (WCHS) 

Zachary Woodworth, Tenors (WCHS) 

Charles Green, Cymbals/Visual (WCHS) 

Corbin Comber, Cymbal/Visual (WCHS) 

Hayley Dunham, Cymbals/Visual (SRHS) 

Princess Jones, Cymbals/Visual (WCHS) 

Austin Woodworth, Visual (WCHS) 

Robyn Potter, Visual (WCHS) 

Brianna Carley, Marimba (WCHS) 

Maili Esquivel, Marimba (WCHS) 

Eli Hernandez, Vibraphone (WCHS) 

Julia Cody, Vibraphone (WCHS) 

Jose Cortez, Xylophone/Glockenspiel (WCHS) 

Steven Shade, Xylophone (WCHS) 

Alexander Jayme, Synth (WCHS) 

Dylan McCarter, Guitar (SRHS) 

Zoe Falkenberg, Malletkat (WCHS) 

Austin Templeton, Drumkit (WCHS) 

Jackson Reese, Rack (WCHS)


Michaela Rademacher - Executive Director 

Stephen Goodman - Director 

Vincent Molina - Snare Tech 

Kyle Clouser - Bass Tech 

Mason Burris - Tenor Tech 

Cody Mullins - Front Ensemble Tech 

Kalob Clouser - Audio Tech

Based out of Willow Canyon High School, these students meet after school twice a week to practice their show and hone their musical abilities. The ensemble competes in the Independent A Class for the Winterguard Arizona (WGAZ) circuit and performances are evaluated on music and visual elements, and their ability to effectively communicate a storyline.


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