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Front of Dysart Unified School District Building

Board calls for override election


The Dysart Unified School District Governing Board called for a November 3, 2020 override election at the June 10 board meeting. This action adds a question on the November 3, 2020 election ballot to ask for continued support of the current 15% maintenance and operation override that has been in place since 2000. A continuation of this override would not result in a tax increase.

A committee of community members representing all areas of the district began meeting in February to evaluate needs and supports for the 25 schools. They made a recommendation to the Governing Board at the April 8, 2020 meeting, indicating that all committee members were supportive in recommending that the Governing Board call for a continuation of the 15% maintenance and operations (M&O) override. The committee also recommended to keep the same areas of support as the current override.

The 15% M&O override would maintain funding to retain highly qualified teachers and staff and provide academic support programs for Math and Reading. Additionally, it would allow Dysart to maintain manageable class sizes, and continue funding for programs currently serving students such as Arts, Physical Education and Athletics, and all-day Kindergarten for the community.

“I appreciate the work of the citizen committee in evaluating school needs,” said Dr. Quinn Kellis, Superintendent.  “The Dysart Unified School District strives each day to train our future workforce, protect local property values, and drive economic development through quality education. 

I know that these are difficult and challenging times, and education is a critical piece that will allow children to learn, improve, excel, and find solutions to many of these challenges. Strong schools make strong communities. It is my hope that Dysart can continue providing an extraordinary education to this community with the same resources currently funded by the Override.”

A community bond committee also met to consider a bond initiative. That committee agreed that a bond question should not be placed on the ballot this year, but should instead be reconsidered next year.

“We heard our community say that now is not the time for a tax increase,” said Dr. Kellis. “There are great capital needs in Dysart, but those needs will have to be addressed later.”

Any persons wishing to submit an argument "for" or "against" the override question (not to exceed 200 words) may do so by mail or hand delivery of the argument to the Maricopa County School Superintendent's office, County School Superintendent, School Elections Office 4041 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85012. The deadline for submitting arguments “for'' or “against” the M&O Override to the Maricopa County School Superintendent is August 7, 2020 at 5:00 P.M.

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