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WCHS DECA Students


Yesterday, 48 Wildcats competed in the DECA District 6 competition at Phoenix International Raceway. WCHS DECA walked away with Top 3 overall awards in 1/3 over the 24 different events. We had the largest group of 15 schools and dominated the event. We're pleased to congratulate these students: 

  • Top 10% Test Scores: Aaron Craig, Charles Green, Sydney Fowler 
  • 1st Justin Garr, Ayden Greer Hill / Buying-Merchandising Team
  • 1st Aaron Craig / Entrepreneurship 
  • 1st Gage Savillo, Halston Gaither / Financial Services Team 
  • 1st Brooke Melvin, Veronica Osowiecki / Hospitality Services Team 
  • 1st Keila Soto / Principles of Hospitality & Tourism 
  • 1st Sydney Fowler / Restaurant-Food Service Management 
  • 1st Brody Macklin, Ayden Miguel / Sports & Entertainment Team 
  • 3rd Timothy Smith / Accounting 
  • 3rd Baron Bracking / Principles of Marketing 
  • 4th Alyssa Kim, Samiah Lau / Travel & Tourism Team 
  • 4th Charles Green / Business Finance 
  • 4th Kaydence Kautman / Principles of Hospitality & Tourism 
  • 4th Dresden LeMoine, Sean Taylor / Buying-Merchandising Team 
  • 5th Lorenzo Arguello / Automotive Services 
  • 5th Ethan Dossey / Business Finance 
  • 5th Amy Tran / Travel & Tourism Team (teammate was sick) 
  • 5th Kellen Neal / Principles of Finance 

 DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. To date DECA membership is 252,210 globally. 


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