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Jordyn Kellick, a volleyball player at Willow Canyon High School, poses for a photograph on the volleyball court.

Athlete Spotlight - Jordyn Kellick

Meet Jordyn Kellick, a senior at Willow Canyon High School, and a stand out volleyball player. Like many of her teammates, Jordyn is awaiting the opportunity to compete this season. She helped lead the Wildcats last season as one of the team captains, and is hoping for the opportunity to continue in that role this season. With many unknowns still in the air, one thing is certain, Jordyn is excited and optimistic for the chance to connect with her teammates again, whether on or off the court. 

“I’m just looking forward to spending time with everyone,” said Kellick. “We can’t really go and hang out with people like we used to. This team is like family, so I’m just looking forward to being able to spend as much time with them as I can.”

From a young age, Jordyn has always loved playing a variety of sports. However, she didn’t realize her full appreciation for them until the sudden loss of her father when she was in the 6th grade. Her father was always a crucial source of inspiration for her, and after his passing, instead of losing the motivation to play, she was able to gain new confidence in knowing that her father would want her to keep pushing and chasing her dreams. Rather than turning to more adverse means of coping, Jordyn wanted to make her father proud, and decided to keep playing and progressing in her sport. 

“Volleyball was a light in the darkness, and has helped me through a lot and helped me stay the course,” she said.

Looking back over the years, one thing Jordyn can be proud of is her resiliency and perseverance to keep going. No matter the setback, she has kept the focus and determination to continue pushing forward. Much of that she credits to the support of her family, friends, coaches, and teammates along the way. 

“I have come a long way since freshman year, and have gained the mental toughness I didn’t know I had,” she said. “I appreciate everyone who has supported me and helped me through.” 

Jordyn is looking forward with expectancy for what lies ahead. After graduating, she hopes to play collegiate volleyball while studying to become an athletic trainer. “It has always been a dream to play in college. This is my passion, and playing would be a plus to the goals I have set for myself,” she said. After college, Jordyn hopes to become an athletic trainer for a professional sports team. 

As for now, she is focused on finishing out her senior year strong, and believes in what her team can accomplish. The team came close to the postseason last year, but fell just short of a playoff spot. This year, however, Jordyn is motivated to lead her team to win the region and make it to the championships. 

“I want this to be a comeback year,” she states. “Being one of only two seniors on the team, I want to go out with a bang, and I think we can do that. Especially with the talent we have.” 


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