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Valley Vista Cheerleaders in Stormcoming Parade

Monsoon Pride

At Valley Vista, all students are welcomed to our community. We are a comprehensive high school that enhances academics through diverse and rigorous coursework, arts, and athletics to prepare students for college and career.  

CTE Programs:

  • Law Law & Public Safety (Only at VVHS) 
  • Fire Science (Only at VVHS)
  • Culinary Arts (Only at VVHS)
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Film & TV Production
  • Sports Med
  • CTE Internships

Special Programs:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Dual Enrollment
  • AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination

Key Message:

In 2020 we implemented a Fine Arts Academy.  The focus of the arts track will be to produce art innovators and creators in the visual and performing arts. Students will work with a mentor on an individualized capstone project which will fulfill the requirements for the Arizona State Arts Education Proficiency Seal. 

  • Rigorous application process for potential arts academy students
  • Alignment to AZ State Arts Seal Pathway \
  • Extracurricular opportunities available through clubs and athletic programs
  • Enrollment/scholarship in post-secretary arts degrees/programs 
  • Dual enrollment opportunities being explored for arts classes

Key Message:

We will grow AVID on our campus and seek AVID Demonstration status within the next three years. Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a signature program on campus available to all students seeking post-secondary education that otherwise may not be specifically supported. -- students are enrolled across four grade levels. As we begin our fourth year of schoolwide AVID implementation, our site goal is to achieve AVID demonstration school in the next three years by implementing regular site professional development, sending 60% or more of teachers to Summer Institute or local Pathway Training, and growing AVID elective enrollment to at least 10% of our student population to make college visible and accessible. 

  • Training for teachers 
  • Plan in place for goal of demonstration school within three years
  • Increase number of students who meet AVID college readiness by graduation (FASFA submission, college and scholarship applications, ACT/SAT testing, university visits, etc)
  • Cultivate college- going- culture on campus for all students and staff

Key Message:

We are a comprehensive high school that enhances academics through diverse and rigorous coursework, arts and athletics to prepare students for college and career. The endeavor continues to increase student opportunities for preparation for college (AP, Dual, AVID, CTE).

Each year we reevaluate the effectiveness of each program and make changes as warranted based on college and career requirements. We have increased the number of course offerings in both Advanced Placement and dual enrollment. These courses are ABOR approved and allow students to earn college credit prior to graduating high school.  Furthermore, we keep abreast of current job trends that are growing in Surprise and Arizona.

  • Continued increase of dual enrollment opportunities through partnerships with local community colleges and universities
  • AVID students required to take at least one AP and/or dual enrollment course by junior year
  • Focus on Advanced Placement courses and scores through incorporating PLC process and professional development opportunities
  • Increase number of CTE students by enrolling all freshmen students in desired CTE course and enrollment in WestMEC courses
  • Partnering with business entities in City of Surprise and surrounding communities to offer internships
  • Constant monitoring of student CCRI progress
  • Grow partnerships with parents and stakeholders to enhance arts and athletic program recognition and support.

Connection to the 3 A's


Valley Vista is focused on academics that prepare students for college and career.  Valley Vista understands that a holistic approach is needed to meet the diversity of the student population.  The master schedule is strategically planned to accommodate students’ interests and academic needs. A variety of challenging Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses are offered to provide students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.  Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities are offered through signature programs, partnerships with community colleges, local businesses, CTED/WestMEC and CTSOs (Career and Technical Education Organizations). Furthermore, programs such as AVID are instituted into the culture to promote academic and post-graduation success.  At Valley Vista, academics are celebrated on campus. 


Valley Vista is focused on creating strong, academically-oriented art students.  VVHS will celebrate students who complete the AZ State Arts Seal Pathway. Strong academics will be a requirement for approval into the Art Academy. 


Valley Vista is focused on creating strong, academically-oriented student-athletes.  VVHS celebrates students who achieve a 3.50 unweighted GPA or higher and teams that reach this mark as well.  Our Character Matters program goes beyond the playing courts and fields to recognize strong character within our student-athletes.  Our coaches work with our teachers to create tutoring possibilities for our students and VVHS stresses student-athletes achieving high GPAs in order to gain scholarships to NAIA and NCAA Division II and III schools.