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Examples of student artwork.

Valley Vista students featured in art exhibit

Christie Zhang and Eliseo Miguel from Valley Vista High School were selected for their original works of art featured in the Shemer Arts Center New Horizons High School Student Art Exhibition. Students from 28 schools across the state were chosen to have their work on display and several received scholarships for their exceptional artistic work. 

Christie Zhang received the Linton-Barnhill Award and the Shemer Art Center and Museum Association Award for her piece titled, “Eyes of a Cat”. Christie was inspired by a variety of different animal’s eyes and she utilized colored pencils to capture the vibrancy of the cat.  Christie has been drawing and painting since she was little and is currently enrolled in Advanced Placement Art and Design class at Valley Vista High School.

Eliseo Miguel was honored with the Phoenix Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America Award and the Ted Decker Award for his emotive piece titled, “Claustrophobia!”.  Eliseo created the piece as part of a recent project in his Drawing 3-4 art class at Valley Vista High School where they were given the task to create an expressive or phobia-themed composition. He combined the two options and wanted to demonstrate the difficult times we are currently living in.

The students were selected for their excellent skills and artistic styles.  The virtual art show can be viewed via YouTube at Additionally, the exhibition is open Tuesday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. through February 18, 2021 located at the Shemer Art Center, 5005 East Camelback Road in Phoenix, Arizona 85018.


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