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Student writing

Mission, Vision and Goals


Luke Elementary School is committed to empower all students by building connections through academics, arts, and athletics so that each student achieves academic success to impact our school, community, and world.


Our vision is to prepare and guide student growth to develop globally-minded citizens and lifelong learners who are driven by curiosity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.


  • By May of 2024, 3rd-8th Grade Students will increase proficiency scores on grade level standards for both Reading and Math by at least 3% as measured by the state assessment and Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Students will increase percent of students at or above benchmark by at least 5% as measured by the Composite DIBELS Acadience Assessment. 
  • By May of 2024, the number of students receiving referrals will decrease from 25% to 20%.
  • By May of 2024, staff and parent satisfaction as reported by "I would recommend Luke" will remain at 85% or increase.