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Clubs & Activities

Bowling Club (5th-8th grade)

Students in middle school are invited to participate in the MVS Bowling club.  Students will learn about the mathematics behind this family sport, get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of bowling balls, and will compete against each other at a local bowling alley.  

Patrick Voss 

Choir - Elementary and Junior High (3rd-8th grade)

Students in 3rd grade through 8th grade who love to sing are invited to join the Elementary (3rd-5th) or Junior High (6th-8th) Choirs.  MVS Choirs sing at various events, such as the Dysart District Festival of Choirs, the Dysart Festival of the Arts, school concerts, and the AZ Coyotes Sing for Santa Event.  

Heather Featherstone 

Crafting Club (grades TBD)

Students in the crafting club will learn about creating scrapbook pages and other crafting activities.  Students will also learn how to engineer three-dimensional shapes that will fold flat.  

Stacey Plonski 

Direct Drawing Club (grades TBD)

Students in this club will focus on the Arts by combining literature and drawing.  Students will learn how to draw their favorite characters and integrate reading and art.  

Christy Rinderer 

Drama Club (5th-8th grade)

Students who are interested in the theater are invited to join Mountain View’s brand new Drama club.  In the fall, students will learn the basics of acting, singing, set design, and theater production.  The goal is to audition, cast, rehearse, and perform a show in the spring semester for the school and community.   

Sara Taylor 

History Club (5th-8th grade)

Students in the history club will work with Mr. Roberts to explore interesting topics in history.  They will also prepare History Day projects for the District’s History Project competition.   

Daniel Roberts 

Keva Planks (grades TBD)

Keva Planks is an engineering club that offers students the opportunity to create structures utilizing a special building material called Keva Planks.  Students will be given different challenges that will allow them to utilize Design Thinking and the Engineering process to plan, build, and improve upon their creations.  Keva Planks taps into each student’s unique potential and creativity, as well as exposes them to modern architecture and engineering.  

Noelle Downs 

Kindness Club (all grades)

Kindness Club invites students at all grade levels to work together to ensure that our campus is a kind, inviting one.  Students create Kindness projects for the campus, participate in Veterans Day ceremonies, and build strong relationships with each other as they ensure that everyone experiences a little more kindness while at school.  

Julie Phelan 

Lego Club (1st-3rd grade)

Students in Lego Club will get the opportunity to engineer their own buildings, create stories, and participate in activities utilizing Legos.  

Monica Rodriguez 

Little Engineers (K-3)

Little Engineers offers students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade the opportunity to construct models of structures such as cities, zoos, malls, etc., using recycled materials, legos, and other materials that we can find!  Students will be using the engineering process at these earliest grades, preparing them for future participation in Keva Planks, Science Olympiad, and even Engineering classes in high school.  

Noelle Downs 

Math Challenge (all grades)

Mrs. Gomez and Mrs. Brown lead the Math Challenge teams.  Math Challenge teams are made up of students who have an innate desire and creative spirit when it comes to mathematics.  Teams from schools across the district compete in math facts, problem solving, and a final challenge round to see which team can “math it up” the best!   

Maria Gomez and Coleen Brown and 

National Junior Honor Society (7th-8th grade)

National Junior Honor Society is a service-based organization open to students who are nominated by their teachers.  NJHS focuses on acts of service within the school and neighborhood community.  Student members exhibit the seven pillars of character, uphold higher standards for academics, and are examples of leadership on our campus.  

Emily Allen

Robotics, Drones, and Coding (5th-8th grade)

Students in the Robotics, Drones, and Coding club will get first-hand experience programming and utilizing a variety of robots on our campus in preparation for competing in the District Robotics Competition.  MVS previously won first place in the first ever District Robotics Competition.  

Club Sponsor TBD

Science Olympiad (7th-8th grade)

Science Olympiad is a National Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program that allows Middle School (7th and 8th grade) students to apply what they know in a competitive setting, competing against other students from across the state of Arizona. Mountain View has a history of successful teams, placing 1st place in Meteorology and 3rd place in Fossils at the March, 2022, Arizona State Tournament.   

Club Sponsor TBD

SkillsUSA CTSO (7th-8th grade)

Mountain View is one of the few K-8 schools to host this middle school level (7th-8th grade) Career & Technical Student Organization (CTSO) focused on student, chapter, and community development. This will be accomplished through leadership activities and practices, community service projects, promotional and fundraising activities, and competitive events at the regional, state, and possibly national level. The goal is to prepare students for high school CTE programs through career exploration and exposure to professional settings and competitions.  

Club Sponsor TBD

Student Council (5th-8th grade)

Student Council is open to students in grades 5-8.  Representatives are elected to Student Council by their peers.  Students work together to manage the Student Activities Funds and learn about parliamentary procedures and financial procedures related to fundraising. Student Council plans fundraising events and activities for our campus.  

Monica Rodriguez and Courtney Elliott and

STEAM Lab (5th-8th grade)

Students in the STEAM Lab will explore a variety of different STEAM activities in preparation for the District-Wide STEM competition.  Students will use design thinking and engineering processes to solve real-world problems, design solutions, and implement their designs.   

Christy Rinderer 

Yearbook (6th-8th grade)

Mrs. Featherstone leads the Yearbook team for students in 6th-8th grade.  Yearbook is all about making memories last!  In this club, students will take pictures of school events and classroom activities, as well as design the annual yearbook for MVS.  This is a completely student-generated product that is available for purchase by students and families.  

Heather Featherstone