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Student Records Request

You must request student records at the last school of attendance. Please visit the webpage to view the list of schools to request student education records for students who attended within the last four years. If the student attended more than four years ago, please see instructions below. 

For special education records, please contact the ESS department at 623-876-7198 or email your request to

Special Education Records: 

    • IEP/MET student records requests  
    • School-to-School or educational program   
    • Former Student (18 years or older)   
    • Parent/Guardian of a minor child (under the age of 18)  
    • Verifications (Department of Economic Security) for special education students only  
    • Specialized Student Data (Individual Evaluation Records & Specialized reports)

Guidelines and Information when requesting Student Records:

School Breaks 

    • District schools are closed during fall, winter, spring, and summer break. 
    • Please make arrangements to request records from schools when they reopen.  
    • Contact the schools directly for school office holiday/break closure dates and times.   

High School Diplomas 

    • DUSD does not keep copies of high school diplomas, nor can diplomas be reordered.    
    • If you need proof of high school graduation, a transcript will suffice as proof of graduation in lieu of a diploma.

Students who have left the school district or graduated more than 4 years from the date of last attendance:
    • Include the student's full name used when he or she attended the school, the date of birth, and the schools/years attended. 
    • If you are a parent/guardian or a former student (18 years or older) requesting student records, a copy of your government issued photo ID for identification verification  must be included with your request.