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Parkling lot

Parking Permits

Purchase Location: Breezeway area outside of the SRHS Bookstore

Seniors can purchase parking permits beginning July 11-14 from 8:00am- 4:30pm.

Juniors can purchase parking permits beginning July 18-21 from 8:00am- 4:30pm.


Who can purchase a parking permit?

Seniors and Juniors who are currently enrolled for "in-person" instruction at Shadow Ridge.  You must be "on track" to graduate and have no past due fees.

Can I pick my own parking spot/space?

Ms. Landis in the Bookstore will assign your parking spot/space.  Students will NOT be allowed to pick their parking space.

I’m a Junior, how many credits do I have to have to be “on track” for graduation??

Minimum of 10 credits

I’m a Senior, how many credits do I have to have to be “on track” for graduation?

Minimum of 16 credits

When do I have to be considered “on track” in order to purchase a parking permit? 

At the time your application is submitted.

Is my ability to purchase a parking permit based on my GPA?


What is the cost of a parking permit?

For the 22-23 SY, the fee is $60 for the year.

What does a completed parking permit application look like?

Completed application and copies (provide your own copies, copies will not be provided) of graduated driver's license, current proof of insurance, and current vehicle registration (they can all be on the same sheet of paper), parent signature and $60 fee.

Where do I turn in my parking permit application?

Please turn in your COMPLETED parking permit application to the Bookstore.

Can I purchase a senior or junior parking permit after school starts?

Yes, but only if there are open spots available.

Are fees for parking permits refundable?


Once I have a parking permit, can I lose the privilege to park on campus?

Yes, refer to leaving campus without authorization and vehicle violations infractions in the discipline matrix section of the DUSD Parent/Student Handbook