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picture of fireworks

Senior Night Fireworks Display

Friday, August 25, 2023

Approximate Start Time:  6:45 pm - 10 pm 

Approximate Duration:  randomly during time span

This notice is to INFORM residents that a high school fireworks display will be held in your area on Friday, August 25, 2023 between approximately 6:45 pm - 10 pm.  The fireworks will be used randomly during the time span to celebrate the National Anthem, touchdowns, and the end of the game.

While your home is outside of the "safety fallout zone" designated by the regulations for having a fireworks display, we wanted to make you aware of the noise that could come from the area.  This celebration will contain beautiful fireworks which do make some noise, but this show will contain NO "titanium salutes."  These are the fireworks which only produce a flash of white light and a loud boom.

Please take any necessary precautions for your animals or persons who may be adversely affected.

This display will be conducted under the supervision of, and with a permit issued by, the City of Surprise Fire and Medical Department.


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