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Sunset Hills choir students performing

Arts Signature Focus

The Arts Signature Focus at Sunset Hills is designed with the whole student in mind.  Regardless of whether students are interested in academic, athletic, or arts disciplines, the Arts are present in all things.  Our Signature Focus was adopted to help students recognize and celebrate the Arts in all they do as they choose their own path through their school experience.

The Arts Signature Focus includes a variety of opportunities for students both during and after school.  Our most visible program offerings include activities like vocal music, instrumental music, and theatre, but there are additional activities that help students explore and express other artistic avenues.  After-school activities are built and supported by a further commitment to an artistic vision and related programming during the school day.  Elective courses allow students to take greater ownership of their learning through choice and provide a more specific approach to Special Area content.  Even within core content areas, students learn to find artistic elements and engage in creative thinking practices to acknowledge the art within all subject areas.