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Shadow Ridge Javelin throwerJake Railey practices at the school.

SRHS Javelin thrower nationally ranked

On April 10, Shadow Ridge High School Junior Jake Railey did something extraordinary.  During the annual Nike Chandler Rotary Track and Field Invitational, he threw the javelin 190’11’, marking the third longest throw in the meet’s 80 year history.  Because competing against himself is something he’s used this year, being ranked first in the state of Arizona by a wide margin, Jake threw the javelin an astounding 194’11” in last weekend’s meet, earning him the ranking of 8th in the nation.     

“I try not to focus on it too much,” Jake says of the national ranking.  “I try not to let it get to my head.”

Javelin wasn’t a sport he ever thought we would compete at, and it wasn’t till high school that he even gave it a shot.  

“Ever since I was a kid I always had an arm,” he shared.  “I played baseball as a kid and always threw football with my Dad.  I’d make him go the way down to the end of the street and I would throw it to him.  He’d have to walk back to get close to me to get it back,” he says with a chuckle.

Jake tried out for football his freshman year, but it just wasn’t for him.  He was looking for something else to get involved in, and someone recommended track and field and javelin.

“I thought, I’ll try it. So I came out and threw javelin and broke the school record on my first throw.  So I decided to stick with it,” he said with a laugh.

He placed seven in the state championships that first year, and unfortunately because of COVID didn’t get to compete last year.  This year, Jake won every meet he’s competed in and has the competition beat by a wide margin so far.  He is instead setting personal goals to help keep himself motivated.  He wants to break the 200’ barrier this season.      

After learning about his surprise talent for javelin, Jake plans to take it as far as he can, and that includes college.  He hopes to compete while obtaining his degree in Business or Meteorology.  


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