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9th Annual Turkey Trot

9th Annual Turkey Trot

West Point PTSA will host our 9th Annual Turkey Trot on Friday, November 18th, during grade-level special area times. Students in Grades K-8 will be running to win cool prizes and to compete against our Thanksgiving Turkey (SHHH-its Coach Vogel).   

Prizes per grade level: 

1st Place-Turkey 

2nd Place-Pie 

3rd Place-Hat Day Band   

Come out and cheer on our runners.

Run Times:

3rd Grade: 9:05-9:45 

2nd Grade: 9:45-10:25 

1st Grade: 10:25-11:05 

7th Grade: 11:05-11:45 

8th Grade: 11:45-12:25 

Kinder: 12:25-1:05 

4th Grade: 1:40-2:20 

5th Grade: 2:20-3:00 

6th Grade: 3:00-3:40


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